The Far North shopping

Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Karasjok

Knivsmed Strømeng

This shop calls on five generations of local experience to create original handmade Sami knives for everything from outdoor to kitchen use. They're real works of art, but stay true to the Sami need for durability, m…
Drinks in Tromsø

Kjeller 5

Whether you're souvenir-shopping for a thirsty friend or stocking up for yourself, Mack Microbrewery's shop has plenty of choice for the discerning beer-lover. As you'd expect, it stocks all the Mack brews, and ther…
Jewellery in Tana Bru

Tana Gull og Sølvsmie

Tana Gull og Sølvsmie was established in 1976 as eastern Finnmark's first gold- and silversmith. Andreas Lautz creates some very fine gold, silver and bronze jewellery, inspired by traditional Sami designs. The shop…
Arts & Crafts in Kautokeino


Samekniv, on the road to the Kautokeino Museum, is a little workshop with a small range of traditional and modern knives. Don't believe the official opening hours – you may need to ring for someone to come and open …
Arts & Crafts in Kautokeino

Avzi Design

Around 8km east of Kautokeino in the tiny hamlet of Avzi (ask at the tourist office for directions), this friendly little showroom sells Sami mittens, shawls and other textiles.
Jewellery in Kautokeino

Kautokeino Sølvsmie

Next to the Kautokeino Museum, this place offers finely crafted silver jewellery and other pieces inspired by Sami culture and the local environment.
Drinks in Hammerfest


This is the only place in Hammerfest where you can buy take-home wine and spirits. It's inside the Nissen Senter shopping complex.