Top Choice Norwegian in Svolvær


Located at the Svinøya complex, this is one of the town's top tables. A former fish house, it was called the 'stock exchange' after the bench outside, where the town's old geezers would gather to debate. In its dini…
Norwegian in Svolvær

Anker Brygge

Anker Brygge, originally a shack for salting fish and nowadays furnished like an old-time kitchen, is a wonderfully cosy place to dine. The cuisine is just as traditional and the recommended menu choice is (of cours…
Asian in Svolvær

Ni Hao

One of northern Norway's better Asian restaurants, Ni Hao has a lovely waterfront setting with a few outdoor tables, a stylish interior dining room and assured cooking. The beef dishes, using tender sirloin, are a r…
Cafe in Svolvær

Hjerterommet Kafe

More a coffee and cake kind of place, this eclectic little cafe is a fine little pit stop. The decor ranges from a bed mattress to cutesy and colourful wood, and the whole place is brimful of personality and warmth.
Cafe in Svolvær


With its upbeat interior, Bacalao offers leafy, innovative salads, sandwiches and some equally creative pasta dishes; the hot rekepasta (shrimp pasta) will set your taste buds tingling. Bacalao also expresses some o…
Cafe in Svolvær

Du Verden

With a cafe at street level and more formal dining upstairs, this excellent place is good whatever the occasion. The airy, modern interior and waterfront terrace are the perfect Svolvær setting with everything from …
Norwegian in Svolvær

Paleo Arctic

Lunch here includes simple tastes with fish soup and light meals, while dinner has Norwegian classics such as grilled reindeer or local fish specialities.
Cafe in Svolvær


This casual cafe-bakery right on the main square serves up a range of sweet and savoury snacks, from cakes to sandwiches.