Museum in Longyearbyen

Svalbard Museum

Museum is the wrong word for this impressive exhibition space. Themes include the life on the edge formerly led by whalers, trappers, seal and walrus hunters and, more recently, miners. It's an attractive mix of tex…
Museum in Longyearbyen

Spitsbergen Airship Museum

This fascinating private museum houses a stunning collection of artefacts, original newspapers and other documents relating to the history of polar exploration. With labels in English and intriguing archive footage,…
Gallery in Longyearbyen

Galleri Svalbard

Galleri Svalbard features the Svalbard-themed works of renowned Norwegian artist Kåre Tveter, so pure and cold they make you shiver, as well as works by other artists such as Olav Storø ( It also has…
Museum in Barentsburg

Pomor Museum

This simple, appealing little museum outlines (in Russian only) the historic Pomor trade with mainland Russia, plus Russian mining and history on Svalbard. Especially worthwhile are the excellent geological exhibit…
Museum in Ny Ålesund

Mine Museum

Gallery in Longyearbyen


Attached to the Galleri Svalbard is the Kunstnersenteret (Artists' Centre) which serves as a workshop for local artists with many of the works on sale.
Chapel in Barentsburg


The small wooden Orthodox chapel above the football pitch commemorates the twin disasters of 1996 and 1997.