Top things to do in Stabbursnes

National Park in Stabbursnes

Stabbursdalen National Park

No roads cross through the 747 sq km of Stabbursdalen National Park, which offers a spectacular glacial canyon and excellent hiking in the world's most northerly pine forest. The park is a haven for elk (moose), wol…
Museum in Stabbursnes

Stabbursnes Naturhus og Museum

The Stabbursnes Naturhus og Museum serves both the Stabbursdalen National Park and Stabbursnes Nature Reserve. It sells field guides, maps and fishing permits and has a well-mounted exhibition about the birds, anima…
Nature Reserve in Stabbursnes

Stabbursnes Nature Reserve

The Stabbursnes Nature Reserve extends over the wetlands and mudflats at the estuary of the Stabburselva. Birdwatchers come to observe the many species of duck, geese, divers and sandpipers that rest in the area whi…