Aquarium in Balestrand

Sognefjord Aquarium

View the 15-minute audiovisual presentation then tour the 24 aquariums in which lurk saltwater creatures from Sognefjord, large, small and very small. The entry price includes an hour of canoe or rowing-boat hire.
Church in Sogndal

Stave Church

The area's main claim for your attention was raised in 1184. It impresses from within by its sheer height, although much of what you see dates from a fundamental renovation in the 17th century. Wall paintings in the…
Museum in Flåm

Flåmsbana Museum

This little museum is right by the Flåmsbana Railway platform. It's not, however, just about railways: there are fascinating photos of construction gangs and life in and around Flåm before cars and buses made it thi…
Scenic Railway in Flåm

Flåmsbana Railway

A 20km-long engineering wonder hauls itself up 864m of altitude gain through 20 tunnels. At a gradient of 1:18, it's the world's steepest railway that runs without cable or rack wheels. It takes a full 45 minutes to…
Church in Sognefjorden

Borgund Stave Church

Some 30km southeast of Lærdalsøyri along the E16, this 12th-century stave church was raised beside one of the major trade routes between eastern and western Norway. Dedicated to St Andrew, it’s one of the best-known…
Church in Vik

Hopperstad Stave Church

On the southern outskirts of the village of Vik is this splendid stave church, about 1km from the centre. Built in 1130 and Norway’s second oldest, it escaped demolition by a whisker in the late 19th century. Inside…
Church in Urnes

Urnes Stave Church

Norway's oldest preserved place of worship is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Directly across the fjord from Solvorn, it gazes out over Lustrafjord. The original church was built around 1070, while the majority of tod…
Wildlife Reserve in Lærdalsøyri

Norsk Villaks Senter

You can watch wild salmon and sea trout through viewing windows, see an excellent 20-minute film about the salmon's lifecycle, try to tie flies to increase the odds of you hooking one of your own and do a little vir…
Church in Vik

Hove Stone Church

The region's oldest stone building, dating to the late 12th century, this church retains its original form beneath Peter Blix's elaborate makeover. This includes the abstract wall painting of nave and chancel, the w…
Scenic Road in Aurland


The 45km Snow Road, officially signed Aurlandsvegen, climbs from sea level, twisting precipitously to the desolate, boulder-strewn high plateau that separates Aurland and Lærdalsøyri (Lærdal). Even if you don't opt …