• Newspapers & Magazines The most respected Norwegian-language daily is Aftenposten (, while VG ( and Dagbladet ( are other national mass-circulation dailies. Morgenbladet ( is a Norwegian-language weekly, while the Norway Post ( is a good source of news in English, although the print version is not widely available. Major international newspapers and magazines are available a day after publication in cities (sometimes the same day in Oslo and other cities with international flight connections).
  • TV & Radio Government-run NRK (one TV and four radio channels) competes with TV2 and TV Norge networks and satellite broadcasts of TV3. Foreign-language programs are subtitled. Hotels often have cable TV. Numerous private radio statiions, mostly with a musical focus, supplement the government stations. The NRK Alltid Nyheter station broadcasts the BBC World Service every second hour or so.
  • DVD Norway uses the PAL (Region 2) DVD system.