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Top Choice Museum in Røros


Built on the site of a former copper-smelting works that burnt down in 1975, this museum brings the town's mining heritage to life. Intricate working models demonstrate the water- and horse-powered smelting processe…
Top Choice Norwegian in Røros

Vertshuset Røros

The town's best food is served at the Vertshuset Inn, with a strong focus on local flavours: mountain trout, Arctic char, local beef, pork and a great selection of cheeses. The highlight is the six-course evening me…
Church in Røros

Røros Kirke

Røros' copper industry was booming when local notables decided to finance the construction of this lovely – and large – Lutheran church in 1784, at a cost of 23,000 riksdaler (at the time, miners earned about 50 rik…
Museum in Røros

Olavsgruva Mine

For a gritty insight into Røros' mining past, head 13km north of Røros to this centuries-old mine, where ore has been extracted since the 1650s. Tours travel 50m underground down dingy tunnels to the main miners' ha…
Cultural in Røros


The biggest winter event is Rørosmartnan (Røros Market), which began in 1644 as a rendezvous for hunters who ventured into town to sell their products to miners and buy supplies.
Pub in Røros

Berkel og Bar

This gastropub is a welcome addition to the Vertshuset stable. It gets its name from the berkel, a meat slicer invented in 1898 and still used to slice up the cold meats that feature on the excellent meat and cheese…
Norwegian in Røros

Kaffestugu Cafeteria

Set in one of Røros' classic timber buildings, with a small outdoor courtyard, this perennially popular cafe has the air of an old Norwegian tearoom, and it's a good spot, indeed, for coffee, cake and pastries. Main…
Performing Arts in Røros


In late July and early August, Røros stages a nightly three-hour rock opera that recounts the invasion of Trøndelag by Sweden in 1718, covering the occupation of Røros and the subsequent death of thousands of soldie…
Ceramics in Røros

Potteriet Røros

Here you'll find pottery based on traditional designs from all over Trøndelag, along with some creative modern interpretations. The pottery workshop next door is open to the public and staff are always happy to expl…
Area in Røros

Miners' Cottages (Flanderborg Gate)

Off the southwestern corner of the slag heaps, the historic smelting district with its tiny turf-roofed miners' cottages, particularly along Sleggveien, is one of Røros' prettiest corners.