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Built on the site of a former copper-smelting works that burnt down in 1975, this museum brings the town's mining heritage to life. Intricate working models demonstrate the water- and horse-powered smelting processe…
Church in Røros

Røros Kirke

Røros' copper industry was booming when local notables decided to finance the construction of this lovely – and large – Lutheran church in 1784, at a cost of 23,000 riksdaler (at the time, miners earned about 50 rik…
Museum in Røros

Olavsgruva Mine

For a gritty insight into Røros' mining past, head 13km north of Røros to this centuries-old mine, where ore has been extracted since the 1650s. Tours travel 50m underground down dingy tunnels to the main miners' ha…
Area in Røros

Miners' Cottages (Flanderborg Gate)

Off the southwestern corner of the slag heaps, the historic smelting district with its tiny turf-roofed miners' cottages, particularly along Sleggveien, is one of Røros' prettiest corners.
Museum in Røros

Johan Falkberget Museum

The works of Røros' favourite son, author Johan Falkberget (1879–1967), have been translated into 19 languages and cover 300 years of the region's mining history. His most famous work, An-Magrit, which was made into…
Mine in Røros

Malmplassen (Ore Place)

Outside the Smelthytta entrance spreads the large open area known as the Malmplassen (Ore Place), where loads of ore were dumped and weighed on the large wooden scale.
Mine in Røros


These slag heaps make an unlikely protected monument, but they're an important illustration of what was left after the copper smelting process. They also offer a great view across town.
Notable Building in Røros

Harald Sohlsbergs Plass 59

For one of the loveliest turf-roofed homes you'll see, head up to the top of Kjerkgata to the house signposted as Harald Sohlsbergs Plass 59.
Museum in Røros

Røros Museum

Various museums around Røros, including the Smelthytta and Olavsgruva mine, are collected under this catch-all organisation.