Note that when telling the time, Norwegians use 'half' as signifying 'half before' rather than 'half past' eg 'halv to' is 'half before two', not 'half past one'. Always double-check unless you want to be an hour late! Although the 24-hour clock is used in some official situations, you'll find people generally use the 12-hour clock in everyday conversation.

Norway shares the same time zone as most of Western Europe (GMT/UTC plus one hour during summertime, and GMT/UTC plus two hours during the daylight-saving period). Daylight saving starts on the last Sunday in March and finishes on the last Sunday in October.

Note the following time differences (compared to Norwegian summertime):

SydneyEight hours ahead
TokyoSeven hours ahead
MoscowOne hour ahead
CopenhagenSame time as Norway
LondonOne hour behind
New YorkSix hours behind