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Community Sailing Trip in Norway

We include you into planning each day’s itinerary. We are true to a real sailing spirit and plan together with the wind, weather and you! Therefore, please just treat the below itinerary as a general idea. We will customize it to meet your crew wishes and the current weather. Only the mad ones sail against the wind!Day 1 TROMSØ: The starting point of our Midnight Sun route is Tromsø, also known as “The Paris of the North”. With 75,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city in the north of Norway.Day 2-3 HARSTAD: Arriving in Harstad, in the distance we spot the towering cliffs of the island of Grytøya. Harstad is the last town we’ll encounter on our way. We stop a few hours for rest and dinner, and organise our teams for our “night” sailing!Day 4 TROLLFJORDEN: If there is one place where we have a chance to spot Trolls, it’s definitely here! This magnificent 2km long fjord is only accessed through a 100m narrow opening cutting. The perfect place for an overnight stop, telling each other troll stories and follow the course of the midnight sun.Day 5 HENNINGSVÆR: A fisherman village nicknamed the “Venice if the North”. We’ll moor our gondola for the night in the tiny harbour and head for the first Italian pizzeria. Henningsvær is built across a series of islands connected by bridges.Day 6 REINE: Seen by many as the most beautiful village in Norway, this tiny fishing village is dominated by impressive peaks and spectacular fjords. From Reine we could hike to the top of Reinebringen (a three hour steep round trip) and enjoy epic views of the Reinefjorden and Lofotveggen (the Lofoten wall), a massive rise of peaks closing the horizon.Day 7 SVOLVÆR: The town of Svolvær, which is the main settlement in the Lofoten, is also an important fishing port. A vibrant place with many cafes, bars, restaurants and museums, it is connected to the mainland by regular ferries. Time to rest our sea legs, check out how land sick we are, and why not an evening climb to “The Goat”, the characteristic local mountain visible from the town offering incredible views for those brave enough to perform the famous “Svolvær Goat leap.Day 8 KEEP THE CONNECTION:  is the day to say goodbye. All the miles sailed, skills gained and time shared with others will make you bond and build relationships. Cherish these, keep in touch and remember that our Sailing family is there. See you another time!