Top Choice Norwegian in Røros

Vertshuset Røros

The town's best food is served at the Vertshuset Inn, with a strong focus on local flavours: mountain trout, Arctic char, local beef, pork and a great selection of cheeses. The highlight is the six-course evening me…
Norwegian in Røros

Kaffestugu Cafeteria

Set in one of Røros' classic timber buildings, with a small outdoor courtyard, this perennially popular cafe has the air of an old Norwegian tearoom, and it's a good spot, indeed, for coffee, cake and pastries. Main…
Cafe in Otta

Pillarguri Kafé

This downtown diner in the middle of Otta is the pick of the places to eat here, and it turns out a decent menu of elk burgers, salads, grilled chicken, pizzas and the like, along with Norwegian dishes like meatball…
Diner in Dombås


The pick of the limited dining options in Dombås, the Musk Ox Grill turns out decent dishes such as elk burgers, roast trout, salt lamb and potato balls, as well as umpteen types of pizza. The decor is diner-style, …
Cafe in Røros

Frøyas Hus

A blissed-out garden courtyard cafe serving good waffles and rømmegrøt, a traditional, slightly sour porridge eaten with cured hams in the evening.
International in Røros

Peder Hiort Mathus

A relaxed restaurant at the Bergstadens Hotel serving a mix of pasta, burgers and pizzas, as well as outdoor barbecues in summer.
Bakery in Røros

Trygstad Bakeri

This standout cafe and bakery will treat you to the town's most popular coffee and baked goodies.
International in Oppdal

Møllen Restaurant & Pizzeria

In the town centre alongside the E6, this jack-of-all-trades kind of place has a huge menu spanning everything from pasta to fish to steak and, just in case you haven't eaten one in a while, pizzas and burgers. It's…
Cafe in Røros

Galleri Thomasgården

Half cafe, half art gallery – and a pleasant spot for post-viewing coffee and cake.