Church in Røros

Røros Kirke

Røros' Lutheran church is one of Norway's most distinctive, not to mention one of the largest, with a seating capacity of 1640. The first church on the site was constructed in 1650, but it had fallen into disrepair …
Museum in Røros


Housed in old smelting works, which were central to Røros' raison d'être until 1953, this museum is a town highlight. The building was reconstructed in 1988 according to the original 17th-century plan. Inside you'll…
National Park in Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park

This 4367-sq-km national park, Norway's largest continuous protected area, protects the dramatic highlands around the 2286m-high Snøhetta and provides a suitably bleak habitat for Arctic foxes, reindeer, wolver…
Museum in Northern Central Norway

Johan Falkberget Museum

The works of Røros' favourite son, author Johan Falkberget (1879–1967), have been translated into 19 languages and cover 300 years of the region's mining history. His most famous work, An-Magrit, which was made into…
Church in Ringebu

Ringebu Stave Church

A church has existed on this site since the arrival of Christianity in the 11th century. The current version, which remains the local parish church, dates from around 1220, but was restored in the 17th century when …
Museum in Northern Central Norway

Olavsgruva Mine

The Olavsgruva mine is 13km north of Røros. The moderately interesting museum exhibition is far surpassed by mine tours passing through the historic Nyberget mine, which dates from the 1650s. The modern Olavsgruva m…
Notable Building in Ringebu

Ringebu Samlingene

Some 300m uphill to the east of the Stave Church are the buildings from 1743 Ringebu Samlingene, which served as the vicarage until 1991. Guided tours are available and there's a cafe within the grounds.
Viewpoint in Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park

Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion

Commonly known as Snøhetta (although this is in fact the name of the park's largest mountain, as well as the architectural firm who designed it), this arresting building of rippled timber and mirrored glass was comm…
National Park in Northern Central Norway

Breheimen National Park

One of Norway's newest national parks, Breheimen opened in 2009 and covers 1691 sq km. It's wedged between the Jotunheimen and Jostedalsbreen National Parks and has some of the best hiking in the southern half of No…
National Park in Northern Central Norway

Reinheimen National Park

Founded in 2006, this 1969-sq-km park stretches from Lom in the southeast to Åndalsnes in the northwest. It's a varied and relatively unexplored park that is steep and mountainous in the west with a more gentle Alpi…