Nordland attractions

Top Choice Museum in Vestvågøy

Lofotr Viking Museum

In 1981 at Borg, in the heart of Vestvågøy, a farmer's plough hit the ruins of the 83m-long dwelling of a powerful Viking chieftain, the largest building of its era ever discovered in Scandinavia. The resulting muse…
Top Choice Museum in Arctic Highway


Around halfway between the E6 and the ferry crossing to/from the Lofoten Islands at Skutvik, along the Rv81, the Hamsunsenteret is a must for anyone with a vaguely literary bent. The daring architecture is one of no…
Top Choice Gallery in Flakstad


A 4km side trip signposted from the E10 at Vareid, north of Flakstad, brings you to Vikten and the showpiece gallery of the glass-blowing Tangrand family. Watch the glass-blowing as it happens and browse the stunnin…
Top Choice National Park in Arctic Highway

Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park

This 2102-sq-km national park is one of mainland Norway's most dramatic landforms. In the west it embraces the rugged peaks of the Svartisen icecap, Norway's second-largest glacier, and glacier tongues are visible f…
Top Choice Museum in Andenes

Spaceship Aurora

Around 1km south of the town entrance along the road to Bleik, this innovative space centre has a widescreen 16-minute movie and other exhibits about the aurora borealis (rockets sent up from here aid in the study o…
Top Choice Museum in Sandnessjøen

Petter Dass Museum

Even if you've never heard of the medieval Norwegian poet Petter Dass (1647–1707), don't miss this stunning museum at Alstahaug south of Sandnessjøen. Dass lived here for the last 18 years of his life and the museum…
Top Choice Mountain in Brønnøysund


A dramatic local landmark rears up from Torget island, some 15km south of Brønnøysund. The peak, pierced by a hole 160m long, 35m high and 20m wide, is accessed from its base by a good 20-minute walking track. The b…
Top Choice Historic Site in Mosjøen


A stroll around the Sjøgata area, with over 100 listed buildings, takes you past galleries, coffee shops, restaurants and private homes in attractively renovated former warehouses, workshops and boat sheds. The Hist…
Top Choice Gallery in Svolvær

Foto Galleri

Stunning photos of the Lofoten Islands in all their brooding glory, most of them for sale, are the work of photographer Anders Finsland. It's worth stopping by even if you don't plan to buy.
Top Choice Museum in Å

Norsk Fiskeværsmuseum

This museum takes in 14 of Å's 19th-century boathouses, storehouses, fishing cottages, farmhouses and commercial buildings. Highlights (pick up a pamphlet in English at reception) include Europe's oldest cod-liver-o…