Museum in Narvik

Ofoten Museum

This museum tells of Narvik's farming, fishing, railway-building and ore trans-shipment heritage. There's a rolling film about the Ofotbanen Railway and children will enjoy pressing the button that activates the mod…
Fountain in Narvik

Water Spout

No, Narvik can't claim geothermal activity. But locals reckon that its water is the purest in the land. Each day at 1pm and 9pm from May to September, a valve is released and a mighty 75m-high plume of water spurts …
Museum in Narvik

Red Cross War Museum

This small but revealing museum illustrates the military campaigns fought hereabouts in the early years of WWII. The presentation may not be flash but it will still move you. Pick up a folder that explains each of t…
Cemetery in Narvik

Main Cemetery

In this cemetery, beside the E6 on the north side of town, are monuments to the French and Polish troops who fought alongside the Norwegians on land, and the graves of German defenders and British sailors who died a…
Landmark in Narvik

Old Post Office