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Lofoten: Top 5 Sightseeing and Photography Tour

Lofoten is one of Norway’s most famous summer destinations, and it lives up to its reputation with it’s stunning fjords, epic mountains and picturesque fishing villages. Photographers and explorers from all over the world comes to Lofoten in search of the perfect locations for arctic photography, and Lofoten has a lot of it! During this tour through the Lofoten Islands, we picked our top 5 locations for photography and exploring. An amazing day seeing the best of Lofoten with our experienced guides.The guided photo tour around the Lofoten Islands starts in the fishing village and municipality “Svolvær” where we our crew meets you in the morning. Our professional drivers & experienced guides make this scenic journey a fun and educational drive where you get to see plenty of the beauty Lofoten is so famous for.Traditional fishing villages, steep mountains, white sand beaches, dried fish, stunning roads and bridges, this tour really provides everything in one amazing day.
8 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Lofoten: Summer Night Hike to Kvalvika Beach

The arctic summer nights are very special, above the arctic circle we have the midnight sun keeping the sky bright throughout the summer season to add that extra element of magic. On this tour we want to take you to one of the most stunning places aroundLofoten, where the evening sun turns the landscape to an absolute treat. “Kvalvika Beach” is located on the Northwestern part of the Lofoten islands, and the location is best to visit during the evening with the sun hits the hillside and white sand beaches. Join us on a scenic evening drive through the Lofoten islands, combined with an easy hike to Kvalvika Beach, only accessible by foot.
7 hours