The Rolling Road to Kråkenes Lighthouse

The 42km return trip can be comfortably driven in a couple of hours, including stops. Take the Rv617 from Måløy, then follow signs for Kråkenes Fyr (Kråkenes Lighthouse). On the way there or back, it's worth the short, signed detour to visit Refviksanden, a 1.5km reach of white sand, voted Norway's finest beach in a 2010 online poll.

The road rolls over treeless, windswept grassland, runs past a long line of twirling windmills (step outside your car and you'll understand why they're sited right here) and offers staggering views of steep cliffs.

Kråkenes Lighthouse, at the very end of the road, perches precariously on a rock shoulder. Sunny or stormy, it's a romantic spot with stunning views of the cliffs and pounding ocean; it's also possible to stay in its B&B or bridal suite.

A bridal suite, complete with circular bed, occupies the main house or there are five double rooms in the former stormhouse.