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Top Choice Norwegian in Longyearbyen


It's something of a walk up here but it's worth it. Dining in the cafe-bar is casual, with well-priced pasta, pizza and reindeer stew on the menu. Its signature dish is hamburger med alt (Nkr105) – a meaty burger wi…
Norwegian in Longyearbyen


This pub-restaurant was reconstructed from the elements of a building brought in from Russian Barentsburg (the giant white bust of Lenin peeking from behind the bar gives a clue), and it feels like a supremely comfo…
Museum in Longyearbyen

Svalbard Museum

Museum is the wrong word for this impressive exhibition space. Themes include the life on the edge formerly led by whalers, trappers, seal and walrus hunters and, more recently, miners. It's an attractive mix of tex…
Museum in Longyearbyen

Spitsbergen Airship Museum

This fascinating private museum houses a stunning collection of artefacts, original newspapers and other documents relating to the history of polar exploration. With labels in English and intriguing archive footage,…
Cultural in Longyearbyen


Week-long celebrations beginning on 8 March to dispel the polar night.
Music in Longyearbyen

Blues Festival

Five-day jam session to warm you up before the onset of winter.
Thai in Longyearbyen

Mary-Ann's Polarrigg

This excellent restaurant offers up spicy Thai rice dishes in a wonderful glasshouse setting, festooned with living plants that, unlike their native Svalbard counterparts, entwine and climb much more than 2cm high. …
Bar in Longyearbyen

Barents Pub & Spiseri

A decent hotel bar in the Radisson SAS Polar Hotel.
Bar in Longyearbyen

Funken Bar

In the Spitsbergen Hotel.
Bar in Longyearbyen

Peisen Bar

Can also get lively in season.