Lofoten has some of northern Norway's most character-filled accommodation, from converted traditional fishing cabins to wonderfully situated campgrounds and stylish modern hotels. Many activity operators offer accommodation on their premises, from simple campsites to the luxury rooms at Lofoten Links.

In summer prices go up; expect to pay more than 250kr per room above the rest-of-the-year prices for hotels, with less variation for rorbuer (cabins/fishing huts) and sjøhus (fishing bunkhouses).

Lofoten Sleeping Specialities

Lofoten's lodging of choice is the rorbu or its cousin the sjøhus. Whereas rorbu (plural rorbuer) once meant a dingy, tiny red-painted fishing hut, nowadays it means just about any wooden ox-blood structure, from historic cabins to self-catering units.

A sjøhus (literally 'sea house') was traditionally a bunkhouse-style building where fishery workers processed the catch, ate and slept. Some retain this style, but others have become lower-end summer tourist lodges and apartments.