Top Choice Neo Nordic in Kristiansand

Bønder i Byen

A beautiful extended riff on Norway's spectacular produce and on the country's rural life, Bønder i Byen's menu is both gorgeous to read, with its redolent roll call of local farmers, and to eat. This is one place o…
Seafood in Kristiansand

Pieder Ro

Kristiansand might be very good at smart-casual coastal, but it also keeps the traditionalists happy with places such as Pieder Ro, with its chandlery-chic nautical decor (How nautical? The bar is a boat...), cheque…
Fast Food in Kristiansand


We don't normally go out of our way to recommend fast-food kiosks, but Snadderkiosken is one of the best of its kind, plus it also feels apt for a seaside town. Just behind the beach, this lovely, tiled, 1920s-style…
Seafood in Kristiansand

Bølgen & Moi

The fish-market harbour's upmarket choice: always-reliable chain Bølgen & Moi does a rich fish and shellfish soup, excellent moule frites, a tasty range of fish and steaks, as well as set menus and seafood platt…
British in Kristiansand

Gastropuben på Kick

Not to be confused with the nightclub it secrets out the back, this is a dark, clubby pub styled on the British gastropub, with a menu of hearty local dishes and Anglophile roasts. It is, as you'd hope, serious abou…
Seafood in Kristiansand


Along the waterfront next to the yacht harbour, the woody, maritime fantasia of a formal dining room specialises in seafood set menus, or you can sit out on the covered deck and have a 500g bucket of the freshest pr…
Bakery in Kristiansand


This big, bustling bakery has lots of tables inside and on the pretty footpath. Locals flock here every morning for a great range of freshly baked boller (buns) and loaves of bread, or pop in later for chicken salad…
Asian in Kristiansand

Food Asylum

Extensive sushi menu as well as offering grilled 'sticks' with a variety seafood, meat and vegetables.