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Calming Ice Fishing on a Mountain Lake

In winter, there is always something to do in Norway. For example, with high probability you can watch whales and see a rare natural phenomenon - the northern lights.Thanks to the Gulfstream and warm atmospheric fronts, the coastal waters and fjords practically do not freeze even in winter, and the number of large fish in them exceeds the highest expectations.But still, Ice fishing is extremely popular in Norway, especially in the north of the country, where there are a lot of lakes. Every year, enthusiastic fishermen of all ages go north to find their own private lake, full of trout and other fish. And, of course, winter fishing disposes to relax and warm in the sauna or by the fire in the evening after a busy day. Of course, all of things listed above will be granted to my welcomed visitors.I have a nice, cozy country house almost at the Venneslafjorden Lake’s coast. That is the place where we will enjoy ice fishing for a rest of a day.
9 hours