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Top Choice Norwegian in Kongsberg

Restaurant Opsahlgården & Christians Kjeller

This upmarket restaurant in one of the city's oldest houses surprises with very spot-on dishes (say smoked lamb with juniper and carrot cream), and everything is made on the premises, including sorbets and ice cream…
Mine in Kongsberg

Royal Silver Mines

The profusion of silver mines in Kongsberg's hinterland is known collectively as Sølvgruvene. The easiest way to visit is with the tours that leave from the signposted Kongsgruvene, 700m from Saggrenda (8km south of…
Museum in Kongsberg

Norwegian Mining Museum

Set in a smelter dating from 1844 (the old furnaces survive in the basement), this museum tells Kongsberg's story with relics, models and mineral displays. In the same building, other sections include the Royal Mint…
Museum in Kongsberg

Lågdal Folk Museum

This folk museum, a 10-minute walk southeast of the train station, houses a collection of 32 period farmhouses around which sheep, goats and pigs frolic. Inside the main building is a WWII resistance museum and a re…
Bar in Kongsberg

Jonas B Gundersen Jazzkjøkken

This 'jazz kitchen' chain has a few outlets around southern Norway. This one is a cosy place to come for a drink or to see who might be playing on the weekend. It has pizza, bruschetta and club sandwiches (162kr to …
Music in Kongsberg

Kongsberg Jazz Festival

Norway's second-largest jazz festival, held over four days in early July across various venues in town, draws numerous avant-garde international and Norwegian performers and often includes a pop act as well (such as…
European in Kongsberg


Carefully prepared French-style dishes are served in an old-fashioned friendly room. If you're not up for a full dinner, they'll happily feed you starters and snacks at the bar.
Church in Kongsberg

Kongsberg Kirke

Norway's largest baroque church, in the Old Town west of the river, officially opened in 1761. The rococo-style interior features ornate chandeliers and an unusual altar that combines the altarpiece, high pulpit and…
Sushi in Kongsberg

Fuji Sushi

The menu here is a light and healthy escape from the rigours of the interior's burger-and-hot-dog diet. The owners will happily pack your sushi up for you to take away for a riverside picnic.