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Top Choice Gallery in Kautokeino

Juhls' Sølvsmie

This wonderful building, all slopes and soft angles, was designed and built by owners Regine and Frank Juhls, who first began working with the Sami over half a century ago. Their acclaimed gallery creates traditiona…
Top Choice Religious in Kautokeino

Sami Easter

Easter week is a time for weddings and an excuse for a big gathering marking the end of the dark season, before folk and flocks disperse to the summer grazing. It's celebrated with panache, with the reindeer-racing …
Museum in Kautokeino

Kautokeino Museum

Outside, this little museum has a fully fledged traditional Sami settlement, complete with an early home, temporary dwellings, and outbuildings such as the kitchen, sauna, and huts for storing fish, potatoes and lic…
Norwegian in Kautokeino


At Kautokeino's best restaurant, the main item on the menu, as you'd expect in such a town, is reindeer, served in several guises, with Sami tapas a small but imaginative starter. Some travellers have left disappoin…
Arts & Crafts in Kautokeino


Samekniv, on the road to the Kautokeino Museum, is a little workshop with a small range of traditional and modern knives. Don't believe the official opening hours – you may need to ring for someone to come and open …
Arts & Crafts in Kautokeino

Avzi Design

Around 8km east of Kautokeino in the tiny hamlet of Avzi (ask at the tourist office for directions), this friendly little showroom sells Sami mittens, shawls and other textiles.
Jewellery in Kautokeino

Kautokeino Sølvsmie

Next to the Kautokeino Museum, this place offers finely crafted silver jewellery and other pieces inspired by Sami culture and the local environment.
Church in Kautokeino

Kautokeino Kirke

The timbered Kautokeino church, which dates from 1958, is one of Norway's most frequented, particularly at Easter. Its cheery interior, alive with bright Sami colours, has some fixtures salvaged from the earlier 170…
Cafe in Kautokeino

Kautokeino Villmarksenter

Set above the main road in Kautokeino is this functional, scruffy sort of hostel whose main asset is its cafe-restaurant, with an attractive open-air deck.