Hinnøya attractions

Church in Harstad

Trondenes Kirke

Trondenes Church was built by King Øystein around 1150. For ages it was the northernmost church in Christendom, and still lays claim to being Norway's northernmost medieval stone church. Originally of wood, the curr…
Museum in Harstad

Trondenes Historiske Senter

Trondenes Historical Centre, just south of the church, has well-mounted and equally well-documented displays and artefacts illustrating the social history of the area from Viking days to the present.
Historic Site in Harstad


Here's a biggest/furthest claim for Harstad: this formidable WWII weapon is the world's largest land-based big gun, with a calibre of more than 40cm and a recoil force of 635 tonnes. Because it's in a military area,…