Top things to do in Haugalandet

Island in Haugesund


Around 18km west of Haugesund, the tiny island of Utsira barely covers 6 sq km and is home to just 235 people, but its size belies its reputation in the twitching world. It's a birdwatching hot spot, with more than …
Church in Karmøy

St Olav's Church

This ancient stone church was built under the reign of King Håkon Håkonsson. Work began in 1250, although it's thought that a much earlier wooden chapel here stood here for many years before. Dedicated to St Olav, i…
Museum in Karmøy

Nordvegen Historiesenter

Down a short path from the car park for St Olav's Church, this history centre recreates the story of Harald Fairhair and other monarchs of the newly unified Nordvegen from the 10th century onwards. Also nearby, on a…
Burgers in Haugesund

Lothes Mat & Vinhus

Tucked up in a little space just off the waterfront, this wood-panelled restaurant is an old Haugesund favourite for solid Norwegian cuisine – not least thanks to its sweet terrace overlooking the harbour. it also h…
Historic Site in Karmøy


The wonderful Skudeneshavn, 37km south of Haugesund, got very rich on the herring trade in the 19th century and is known for its 'Empire-style' wooden houses, winding main street Søragadå and pretty gardens. There's…
Gastropub in Haugesund

Brasserie Brakstad

The pick of the places to eat along the harbourfront is this groovy gastropub, with an industrial, bare-brick interior and lots of tables lined up along the quay just in case the sun shines. It's a great bet for no-…
Farm in Karmøy

Avaldsnes Viking Farm

This living history centre brings Viking culture to life, with a number of reconstructed Viking buildings, and regular displays of handicrafts, metalwork, farming and woodwork during the summer – not to mention guid…
Cultural in Karmøy

Viking Festival

Once a year, this Viking-themed festival brings feasting, boat races and displays of Viking craft, warfare and culture to the east coast of Avaldsnes. Events centre around the Avaldsnes Viking Farm.
Cafe in Haugesund


This cafe has the town's best coffee, with beans from Jacu and delicious scones and biscuits. The interesting shopfront space is, in fact, an old theatre that is used by the Pionerkirken for Sunday services.
Scandinavian in Haugesund

To Glass

A popular after-work spot for hungry Haugesunds, this small upstairs restaurant is a little bit away from the harbour. It serves hearty food and plates of tapas to share in a swish, upscale space.