Top Choice Viewpoint in Odda


A slender spur of rock projecting into the void above Lake Ringedalsvatnet, Trolltunga is one of Norway's most-photographed features, and – along with Preikestolen – one of the country's most popular hiking targets.…
Waterfall in Eidfjord


At the summit after a steep 20km drive, and where Hardangervidda begins, is the stunning, 182m-high Vøringfoss Waterfall. There are actually numerous waterfalls here, which together are called Vøringsfossen. They pl…
Historic Building in Rosendal

Baroniet Rosendal

Norway's only baronial mansion dates back to 1665 and sits on a gentle rise above the town. The period interiors include a collection of tapestries, an intact library and beautiful examples of Meissen and Royal Dani…
Church in Røldal

Røldal Stave Church

This 13th-century stave church's wooden cross, according to local legend, sweats every midsummer's eve; the sweat is said to have healing powers. The church was an important place of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages.
Farm in Eidfjord

Kjeåsen Farm

Perched 600m above Eidfjord are two farms that were, until 1974, completely inaccessible by road. Until then, residents had no choice but to lug all their goods and supplies up the mountainside – a back-breaking tas…
Museum in Odda

Norwegian Museum for Hydroelectric Power & Industry

A tour around a hydroelectric power station might not sound that promising, but this is one industrial landmark that's worth a detour. The Tysso 1 power plant was constructed between 1906 and 1918 by Thorvald Astrup…
Gallery in Øystese

Kunsthuset Kabuso

The Kunsthuset Kabuso runs a fascinating program that features big-name contemporary artists (Damien Hirst, Matthew Barney and James Turrell have all exhibited here in the past) during most of the year, with summer …
Archaeological Site in Eidfjord

Viking Burial Mounds

The 350 Viking burial mounds found here make this the largest Iron Age site in western Norway, dating from AD 400 to 1000. The tourist office can point you in their direction and supply a basic map with a marked 90-…
Sculpture in Øystese

Hardanger Skyspace

US light artist James Turrell is known for his fascination with light, and has created a series of 'skyspaces' around the world, which are geometrical viewing chambers with an open roof aperture letting in the light…
Museum in Øystese

Ingebrigt Vik Museum

Under the direction of the Kunsthuset Kabuso, this permanent collection of the work of Ingebrigt Vik (1867–1927), one of Norway's best-loved sculptors, is housed in a beautiful and unusual early Modernist pavilion d…