Top Choice Cafe in Hammerfest


A couple of blocks back from the waterfront, Redrum, with its attractive contemporary decor and flickering candles, saves its energy for weekend wildness, when there's regularly live music. To the rear, there's a de…
Cafe in Hammerfest

Qa Spiseri

Just off Sjøgata and run by a young team, this popular place offers reliable cuisine with a great price-to-quality ratio. There's a choice of Norwegian, Italian and Thai dishes.
Pub Food in Hammerfest


The Quayside is a popular pub that serves pizzas and other snacks. Nautically themed (the backdrop to the bar represents old Hammerfest's dockside, and sail canvases billow beneath the ceiling), it has comfy sofas i…
Cafe in Hammerfest

Ellens Café

Upstairs from the Coop Supermarket, this is an unpretentious, inexpensive cafeteria.
Norwegian in Hammerfest

Skansen Mat og Vinstue

A cut above most of the other restaurants in town, the Rica Hotel's Skansen Mat og Vinstue serves up fine local specialities such as king-crab soup or reindeer stew. Sea views are thrown in for good measure.
Cafe in Hammerfest


From atop Salen Hill, Turistua offers great views over the town and sound. The off-putting name is for a lady named Turi, though 'turist' buses often stop here too.