Top Choice Old Town in Fredrikstad


The timbered houses, moats, gates and drawbridge of the Fredrikstad Gamlebyen are simply enchanting. The perimeter walls, once defended by 200 cannons, now consist of grassy embankments that make for a very pleasant…
Island in Fredrikstad


Norse sagas mention the 13th-century fortress of Isegran, an islet in the Glomma that became a further line of defence against Sweden in the mid-17th century. The ruins of a stone (originally wood) tower remain visi…
Museum in Fredrikstad

Fredrikstad Museum

The Fredrikstad Museum is housed in a building dating back to 1776 and is well worth a browse. The downstairs area houses temporary exhibitions, while upstairs you'll find scale models of the Old Town and an interes…
Museum in Fredrikstad

Hvalfanger (Whaling) Museum

This small whaling museum is run by proud old men only too keen to show you around the old photos, the formidable whaling guns once used in the Antarctic, and the even more formidable penis of a blue whale. No Engli…
Fort in Fredrikstad

Kongsten Festning

On what was once called 'Gallows Hill' stands the flower-festooned Kongsten Festning. Dating from 1685, it once served as a lookout and warning post for the troops at nearby Gamlebyen. Although it can get overrun on…
Cathedral in Fredrikstad


Once an important trading centre between mainland Europe and western Scandinavia, Fredrikstad has a cathedral (1880), which contains stained-glass work by Emanuel Vigeland; bizarrely, the steeple contains a lighthou…
Notable Building in Fredrikstad

Stone Storehouse

Among the finest old buildings in town, look out for the stone storehouse(1674–91), the oldest building in Gamlebyen and now a ceramics showroom.
Notable Building in Fredrikstad

Old Convict Prison

Among the finest old buildings in town, look out for the old convict prison (Salveriet; 1731).
Notable Building in Fredrikstad


Among the finest old buildings in town, look out for Balaklava (1783), a historic building.
Ruins in Fredrikstad

Isegran Ruins

The ruins of a stone (originally wood) tower remain visible at the eastern end of Isegran.