Top Choice Island in Florø

Kinn Island

If you're on limited time, a visit to this little island is a great way of getting a flavour of the coastline around Florø. After a quick boat ride from the quay, you're met by a guide on the island who takes you on…
Museum in Florø

Coast Museum

A catch-all museum covering the whole of Sogn og Fjordane county, this museum explores the coast in all its varied forms. It's spread over several buildings: one is dedicated to fishing, including a model 1900 fishi…
Lighthouse in Florø

Ytterøyane Lighthouse

The tallest lighthouse in Sunnford, this 31m, red-and-white-striped tower sits on a remote island about 20km west of Florø. Built in 1881, it's constructed to withstand the very worst the Atlantic can throw at it: w…