Fjærland attractions

Top Choice Museum in Fjærland

Norwegian Glacier Museum

You can't miss this striking museum: it's a concrete wedge marooned among a sea of grass on the way into Fjærland, and even has a couple of model woolly mammoths outside. It provides a great overview of general glac…
Glacier in Fjærland


Reached via a turn-off from the main road north from Fjærland, this small glacier creeps down the mountainside into an isolated valley. Trails lead from the small car park right up to a rushing stream fed by the gla…
Glacier in Fjærland


The more spectacular of the two glacial tongues accessible from Fjærland, Bøyabreen looms majestically at the end of the wooded valley. There's a car park next to the visitors centre and cafe, from where it's a shor…