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This tiny, nondescript place, anticlimactic for many, has a distinct frontier feel. You'll see street signs in Norwegian and Cyrillic script and hear Russian spoken by trans-border visitors and fishermen, who enjoy better prices for their catch here than in their home ports further to the east.

The town reels with around 100,000 visitors every year, most stepping off the Hurtigruten to spend a couple of hours in the town before travelling onward. But you should linger a while here, not primarily for the town's sake but to take one of the many excursions and activities on offer.

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Ice Fishing Wilderness

Arrival dayYour guide 'Atte Ikkala' comes to get you from the Kirkenes airport and he is there to meet you at the luggage pickup. It is 45km drive to our location, Näätämö. You get to unpack and eat well at the local Hotel and afterwards we prepare the clothing for you, find the right sizes etc. If there is time depending to your flight, we can already go ice fishing at the closest pond. There's good populations of grayling, pike and perch. Usually arrival day goes with preparing everything for the first full day of ice fishing in the wilderness. Day 2Atte comes pick you up from the hotel with snowmobile. You travel comfty on reindeerskin covered sled for 20 km into the Galddoaivi backwoods. There we spend the day ice fishing for grayling, perch, pike and trout. We have a private camp in the middle of good ice fishing waters. The fishing is done so, that the guide drills 8 inch hole in the thick ice, we lay reindeer skin on top and the hole is ready to fish. You lay down on the skin, drop the lure in and watch down the hole. You can see the lure and the fishes really clear. It is usually less than 2 meter waters that we fish. You will be advised how to make the fish bite, but when they are biting well; it doesn't matter much what you do. We come back to the Hotel in the evening and there is ready sauna and restaurant/bar waiting for you. Day 3We head out to the lakes when you have rested enough. It is no rush because the morning fishing is not good here. First fishes are always caught after 9am. We go fishing the same area as day before. There is a lot of ready holes so we can go there quietly without disturbing the fishes. Big graylings and perches are careful animals. In the early March it is a good chance to meet a moose in the forest. Further in the Spring-Winter we meet wild reindeers almost every day. Also fox, eagles, wolverine, crows and willow grouse are possible to meet while ice fishing. In the evening there is again ready sauna and restaurant at the Hotel. Day 4Today we head into Norway to fish for arctic char and mountain trout. The drive is about the same and we fish with the same basics. You can now try also ice fishing with sonar. It works well in the deeper waters and chars and trouts can be swimming in extreme depths. Even over 40 meter deep areas are populated. Time to time they still come to the shallows and are fun to sight fish. If you have special wishes what you wanted to see or do in Lapland, this is the day for those as well. Ready sauna and restaurant again at the Hotel in the evening. Departure dayDepends when your flight goes, we can go ice fishing, go sightseeing by snowmobile or car, shopping in Kirkenes, take a museum tour or try sea fishing if the ice is safe. You will be driven to the airport at least two hours before your flight.