Archaeological Site in Eidfjord

Viking Burial Mounds

The 350 Viking burial mounds found here make this the largest Iron Age site in western Norway, dating from 400 to 1000AD. The tourist office can point you in their direction and supply a basic map with a marked 90-m…
Waterfall in Eidfjord


Plunging almost 300m off the Hardangervidda Plateau to the valley floor below, these falls, 12km north of Eidfjord in the Simadalen valley, are among the highest in Norway. To reach the trailhead, drive as far as Tv…
Farm in Eidfjord

Kjeåsen Farm

Kjeåsen Farm, 6km northeast of Eidfjord and close to the treeline, 530m above the valley floor, should not be missed. Now one of Norway's top scenic locations, the wonderfully remote farm buildings are still inhabit…