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Top Choice Museum in Egersund

Egersund Fayancemuseum

A walkable 1.5km northeast of Egersund centre, this well-designed museum (squirrelled away in an unprepossessing shopping centre), houses the wares of Egersund Fayance, the ceramic and porcelain firm that sustained …
Church in Egersund

Egersund Kirke

There has been a church in Egersund since at least 1292. The cute, current manifestation dates back to the 1620s. The carved altarpiece, a depiction of the baptism and crucifixion of Christ by Stavanger carpenter Th…
Vintage in Egersund

Auduns Antikk

A large treasure trove of vintage Norwegian ceramics awaits in this white wood shop. The local Eguersund mark is of course represented, along with both rare and more affordable examples of the west-coast manufacture…
Beer Hall in Egersund

Mungåt Beer Bar

This stylish weekend-only beer-mad basement bar focuses on the Norwegian microbreweries, though it also has speciality beers from the big national breweries. There's 14 on tap and over 100 in bottles. Ask about even…
Burgers in Egersund

K&G House of Burger

Angus beef and brioche buns make these burgers a standout. It also offers chicken wings, onion rings and falafels.
Museum in Egersund

Dalane Folk Museum

The 'folk' part of the Dalane Folk Museum features eight historic timber homes at Slettebø, 3.5km north of Egersund just off the Rv42.