The Musk Ox

Shaggy-haired, long-horned and weighing in at around half a tonne, musk oxen have been tramping the snowy wastes of the Arctic since the days of the woolly mammoth. Dovrefjell is one of the only places in Europe where you can see them in the wild – although they're not actually native, having been introduced here in the 20th century for their wool and meat. Around 250 of the animals now roam the park and, while generally docile, they can be bad-tempered, especially if you happen to come between a mother and a calf. The official advice is not to stray closer than 300m, and if one starts snorting and pawing the ground, then it's time to retreat: slowly move sideways and back, as musk oxen have poor eyesight and if you move directly backwards they cannot always tell that you're retreating.

The safest option is to view them on a musk ox safari: contact Oppdal Safari or Moskusopplevelse, based at Furuhaugli Touristhytter.