Most non-Norwegians visit the park as part of a day-long musk ox safari or to hike: there are lots of walking trails, many of which are clearly signed. Serious hikers will fare best with the Statens Kartverk map Dovrefjell (1:100,000). However, it doesn't include the Knutshøene section; for that, you need Statens Kartverk's Einunna 1519-I and Folldal 1519-II topographic sheets.

Hiking Huts

The original DNT Snøheim hut was, thankfully, judged to be too near the army's Hjerkinn firing range and was replaced by the new self-service Reinheim hut, 5km north and at 1341m, in Stroplsjødalen. DNT also maintains several other self-service huts in the adjacent Skrymtheimen region.