Ceramics in Røros

Potteriet Røros

Here you'll find pottery based on traditional designs from all over Trøndelag, along with some creative modern interpretations. The pottery workshop next door is open to the public and staff are always happy to expl…
Ceramics in Røros

Galleri Thomasgården

At the worthwhile Galleri Thomasgården, potter Torgeir Henriksen creates rustic stoneware and porcelain. You will also find the wonderful nature-inspired wood carvings of Henry Solli. The player piano is one of only…
Jewellery in Røros

Hartzgården Sølvsmie

At this silversmith's shop you'll find locally handcrafted silver jewellery with an emphasis on Viking themes, as well as a small historical-jewellery exhibit.
Ceramics in Røros

Per Sverre Dahl Modellør

Per Sverre creates ceramic sculptures and wall decorations, which range across themes as diverse as trolls and modern saxophone-bearing musicians.