Top Choice Clothing in Bergen

Aksdal i Muren

This enticing shop in a historic landmark building has been ensuring the good people of Bergen are warm and dry since 1883. The city's best selection of rainwear includes cult Swedish labels such as Didriksons, big …
Top Choice Deli in Bergen

Colonialen Strandgaten 18

The latest addition to the Colonialen arsenal, this impeccably cool cafe-deli serves up lavish lunchtime sandwiches, plus an irresistible selection of cold cuts, cheeses, oils, smoked fish and so much more. It's als…
Photography in Bergen

Antonio Stasi Classic Cameras

An anti-Instagrammer's dream: Antonio Stasi's shop is a hymn to the art of analogue photography, with a huge collection of Leica, Contax, Rolleiflex and classic Polaroids. Come to chat about classic cameras and dark…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Bergen


Short on souvenir-buying time and want something a bit more upmarket than a troll doll? This bright boutique right in the centre of Bryggen has a large range of well-designed Norwegian and Scandinavian objects and h…
Fashion & Accessories in Bergen


If you are overcome with the urge to get the artfully informal 'Bergen look', this is the city's best-curated fashion retailer. There's a solid selection of Swedish stars such as Filippa K and Acne, Denmark's stylis…
Arts & Crafts in Bergen

Svala & Udd

One of Bryggen's many artisan shops, Maria Udd handcrafts interesting skirts, scarves and gloves in felt and fleece, while Svala has a range of bold silver jewellery.
Jewellery in Bergen

Bergen Steinsenter

Statisify your inner troll at this eccentric gem and crystal merchant, that stocks some stunning geological specimens from around Norway and further afield.