Top things to do

Top Choice Scenic Road in Aurland


This 45km road is one of Norway's most fabulous, climbing from sea level to the desolate, boulder-strewn high plateau that separates Aurland and Lærdalsøyri (Lærdal). Even if you don't opt for the whole route, drive…
Top Choice Viewpoint in Aurland


Projecting out high above the fjord at an altitude of 630m, this marvel of modern engineering is one of Norway's great viewing points. Clad in pine and balancing on worryingly slender steel legs, it seems to roll do…
Historic Site in Aurland


This restored hamlet perches high above the fjord, between Flåm and Aurland. The 27 scattered buildings, the oldest dating from the early 17th century, were lived in until the 1990s. It's largely the initiative of o…
Pub in Aurland


Part of the Vangsgaarden Gjestegiveri, the Dovecot is a great spot for an early dinner or a pint while the sun sets. The menu is nothing fancy – mainly burgers, salads and fish dishes – but it's not expensive, espec…
Cafe in Aurland


This cute cafe is good for early-morning coffee, homemade pastries and cakes, and lunchtime sandwiches. It has a small terrace overlooking the river.