Top things to do in Arctic Highway

Top Choice Museum in Arctic Highway


Around halfway between the E6 and the ferry crossing to/from the Lofoten Islands at Skutvik, along the Rv81, the Hamsunsenteret is a must for anyone with a vaguely literary bent. The daring architecture is one of no…
Top Choice National Park in Arctic Highway

Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park

This 2102-sq-km national park is one of mainland Norway's most dramatic landforms. In the west it embraces the rugged peaks of the Svartisen icecap, Norway's second-largest glacier, and glacier tongues are visible f…
Top Choice Historic Site in Mosjøen


A stroll around the Sjøgata area, with over 100 listed buildings, takes you past galleries, coffee shops, restaurants and private homes in attractively renovated former warehouses, workshops and boat sheds. The Hist…
Top Choice Cafe in Mosjøen

Gilles Cafe & Musikk

This excellent place near the northern end of Sjøgata serves up snacks such as scampi tempura, pizzas and more traditional mains – it does a great fish soup. This is also the liveliest place in town, with live music…
Top Choice Norwegian in Mosjøen


Ellenstuen, in Fru Haugans Hotel, is an intimate place that preserves many of the hotel's original fittings. It has a particularly creative menu (if you're in luck, you'll find roasted stag fillet and lightly smoked…
National Park in Arctic Highway

Rago National Park

The small (171-sq-km), scarcely visited Rago National Park is a rugged chunk of forested granite mountain and moorland, riven with deep glacial cracks and capped by great icefields. Rago, together with the large adj…
Bistro in Mo i Rana


The highly regarded Arctic Menu restaurant of Meyergården Hotell gets its meat, dairy products and even honey from local sources. Save a corner for its signature caramel pudding with whipped cream.
Museum in Mosjøen

Vefsn Museum

The Vefsn Museum is split over two sites. In Sjøgata, the Jakobsensbrygga Warehouse is an excellent small museum that portrays, via some particularly evocative photo enlargements, the history of Mosjøen from the ear…
Cave in Mo i Rana


The most accessible and most visited of the caves around Mo is 22km north of town. There's electric lighting (it's the only illuminated tourist cave in Scandinavia). The 30-minute tour takes you along an underground…
Cave in Mo i Rana


Setergrotta, 21km north of Mo i Rana and signposted off the E6, is altogether less dragooned and considerably more adventurous than nearby Grønligrotta. Highlights of the two-hour trip include a 500m forest walk to …