Arctic Highway restaurants

Top Choice Cafe in Mosjøen

Gilles Cafe & Musikk

This excellent place near the northern end of Sjøgata serves up snacks such as scampi tempura, pizzas and more traditional mains – it does a great fish soup. This is also the liveliest place in town, with live music…
Top Choice Norwegian in Mosjøen


Ellenstuen, in Fru Haugans Hotel, is an intimate place that preserves many of the hotel's original fittings. It has a particularly creative menu (if you're in luck, you'll find roasted stag fillet and lightly smoked…
Bistro in Mo i Rana


The highly regarded Arctic Menu restaurant of Meyergården Hotell gets its meat, dairy products and even honey from local sources. Save a corner for its signature caramel pudding with whipped cream.
Cafe in Mosjøen

Cafe Umami

Sandwiches, open and otherwise, a mean hot chicken soup and some creative salads make up the menu here. This fine choice has smooth contemporary decor within the antique shell of an old Sjøgata building – an alterna…
Scandinavian in Mo i Rana


Abelone is your best dining option outside the hotels. It looks unprepossessing from the street, but once inside the cosy simulated log cabin makes for a congenial dining environment. Opt for one of its quality meat…
International in Narvik


Narvik's slickest venue is a stylish, modern place with outdoor tables that tumble down the steps. Pasta, fish and grilled meats dominate an extensive if largely unimaginative menu, while it turns into a bar and nig…
Cafe in Mosjøen

Café Kulturverkstedet

Run by the local heritage society, this delightful cafe enjoys, appropriately, one of Sjøgata's largest renovated buildings. There are books to leaf through and you can sip and nibble in its interconnecting art gall…
Norwegian in Mosjøen


In Fru Haugans Hotel, tapestry-bedecked Hagestuen offers both à la carte dining and an evening buffet (325kr) in summer, although the atmosphere is a little stale.
Chinese in Narvik

Fu Lam

A fairly standard Chinese restaurant it may be, but we sure enjoyed the break from pizza and salmon on our way north. Better-than-average spring rolls, large servings of the usual staples at reasonable prices, servi…
Fast Food in Narvik

Arild's Grillbar

Fast food is ubiquitous in Norway, but if you're on a tight budget and can't face another petrol-station hot dog, this place does simple things well. Pizza, burgers, salads and sit-down tables make this a good solid…