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Top Choice Cafe in Åndalsnes


The blackboard declares 'local and home-made burgers, coffee, cake, ice cream – served by lovely ladies'. And, yes, it's all true. Owners Mari, Rannveig and Sissel are indeed lovely and the food here is proudly loca…
Cafe in Åndalsnes


Sit back and relax at the jetty's edge and enjoy a drink and one pretty panorama in this welcoming place. The menu takes in those old Norwegian favourites: svele (pancakes), pizza and burgers.
Mountain Road in Åndalsnes


South of Åndalsnes, the Troll's Ladder is a thriller of a climb or descent. Recently declared a National Tourist Route, it was completed in 1936 after eight years of labour. To add an extra daredevil element to its …
Pub in Åndalsnes


The Grand Hotel Bellevue's cellar bar, backlit in startlingly citified pink and lime green, is where the town meets on Saturday nights to drink, chat and dance until late.
Scenic Railway in Åndalsnes


Trains run daily year-round along this spectacular route, meeting the main line, after 114km, at Dombås. There's also a tourist train with on-board commentary that runs twice daily from June to August from Åndalsnes…
Cliff in Åndalsnes


From Dombås, the E136 and rail line drop in parallel northwest down to Romsdalen (you might have a sense of déjà vu if you’ve seen Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, in which the valley features). Near Åndalsne…
Outdoor Activities in Åndalsnes

Norsk Fjellfestival

A week-long get together for lovers of the great outdoors with plenty of folk events thrown in. Early July.
Rock Music in Åndalsnes

Rauma Rock

Central Norway's largest outdoor rock gathering. Two days in early August.
Sports in Åndalsnes

World Base Race

'Organised' base jumping was invented in Åndalsnes, this contest is held in mid-August.