Glass in Ålesund


'Luxury for everyday use' is the motto of this small glass studio, where each piece is designed to be stylish yet functional. The kiln is at the front, the shop at the rear.
Homewares in Ålesund

Invit Interior

Appropriately for such a design-forward town, this shop displays the very best of creative modern furniture and Scandinavian kitchenware and home appliances.
Antiques in Ålesund

Trankokeriet Antikk

This wonderful hotchpotch antique shop is a collector's dream. Though there are few bargains, there's an amazing stock of nautical curiosities, traditional Norwegian crafts, mid-century cermaics from Norway's best k…
Glass in Ålesund

Ingrids Glassverksted

You'll find everything from practical glasses and bowls to quirky, multicoloured chickens with spiky cockscombs.