Den Norske Turistforening is an important resource for anyone heading out on hiking trails. Its various chapters maintain a network of around 460 staffed and unstaffed mountain huts and lodges throughout the country. DNT also runs summer guided tours that include hiking, glacier hiking, kayaking, mountain-biking and mountaineering. In winter there's skiing and other adventure outings and expeditions.

If you're going to do lots of hiking, it's certainly worth joining DNT – annual membership for adult/senior/19 to 26 years/13 to 18 years/12 and under costs 660/510/340/205/125kr, with reduced rates for school-age children and family members of DNT members. Membership entitles you to seven Fjell og Vidde magazines, the DNT Yearbook, as well as discounted rates at DNT huts. DNT also sells hiking maps and topographic sheets.