Beach in Northern Mariana Islands

Obyan Beach

Obyan Beach is a pretty white-sand beach with calm waters protected by Naftan Point. The expansive beach is good for snorkelling. At the head of the parking area is a large WWII concrete bunker and just inland from …
Dive Site in Northern Mariana Islands

The Grotto

Among dive heads, Saipan is famous for this unique diving spot, a collapsed limestone cavern with a pool of cobalt-blue seawater filled by three underwater passageways. Sometimes the Grotto is calm and at other time…
Beach in Northern Mariana Islands

Mañagaha Island

Mañagaha is an old patch reef that geological forces lifted above sea level 10,000 years ago. It's now covered with a fringing white-sand beach and has Saipan's best snorkelling. The clear surrounding waters ha…