in Lower Lough Erne

Castle Caldwell Forest Park

Castle Caldwell, built between 1610 and 1619, is nothing but a ruin, but the park, about halfway between Boa Island and Belleek, has a nature reserve full of bird life, and is a major breeding ground for the common …
in Lower Lough Erne

Lough Navar Forest Park

This forest park lies at the western end of Lower Lough Erne, where the Cliffs of Magho – a 250m-high and 9km-long limestone escarpment – rise above a fringe of native woodland on the south shore. An 11km scenic dri…
Historic Site in Lower Lough Erne

Devenish Island

Historic Site in White Island

Church Ruins

At the eastern tip of the island are the ruins of a small 12th-century church with a beautiful Romanesque door on its southern side. Inside are six extraordinary Celtic stone figures, thought to date from the 9th ce…