Top Choice Historic Building in Enniskillen

Castle Coole

The 600 hectares of landscaped grounds contain a lake that is home to the UK's only nonmigratory colony of greylag geese. You can also join a tour of the grand 18th-century house.The estate is 2.5km southeast of Enn…
Top Choice Museum in Enniskillen

Enniskillen Castle

Enniskillen Castle, a former stronghold of the 16th-century Maguire chieftains, guards the western end of the town's central island, its twin-turreted Watergate looming over passing fleets of cabin cruisers. Within …
Church in Enniskillen

St Michael's Church

Dominating the centre, this soaring church dates to only 1875, having replaced an early church that was collapsing. There's lavish artwork and ornamentation, including paintings by Charles Russell.
Landmark in Enniskillen

Clock Tower

A beacon of the centre.
Monument in Enniskillen

War Memorial

A major landmark.