Top Choice Historic Site in Armagh City

Navan Fort

Perched atop a drumlin, Ulster's most important archaeological site is linked in legend with the tales of Cúchulainn and named as capital of Ulster and the seat of the legendary Knights of the Red Branch. Exhibits a…
Top Choice Cathedral in Armagh City

St Patrick's Church of Ireland Cathedral

The city's Anglican cathedral occupies the site of St Patrick's original stone church. The present cathedral's ground plan is 13th century but the building itself is a Gothic restoration dating from 1834 to 1840. A …
Top Choice Museum in Armagh City

Armagh Public Library

A first edition of Gulliver's Travels, published in 1726 and annotated by Swift himself, is the most prized possession of the Armagh Public Library, founded in 1771 by Archbishop Robinson. Other treasures include S…
Top Choice Cathedral in Armagh City

St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral

Huge twin towers dominate the approach to Armagh's Roman Catholic Cathedral, built between 1838 and 1873 in Gothic Revival style. Inside it seems almost Byzantine, with every piece of wall and ceiling covered in bri…
Park in Armagh City


This long grassy expanse east of the centre was a horse-racing, cock-fighting and bull-baiting venue until the 18th century, when Archbishop Robinson decided that it was all a tad vulgar for a city of learning, and …
Park in Armagh City

Palace Demesne Public Park

This palace and surrounding 121-hectare estate were home to the archbishops of the Church of Ireland from the 1770s to the 1970s. The palace itself now houses Armagh's city council and is closed to the public, but y…
Planetarium in Armagh City

Armagh Planetarium

The Armagh Observatory was founded by Archbishop Robinson in 1789 and is still Ireland's leading astronomical-research institute. Aimed mainly at educating young people, the adjacent Armagh Planetarium has an intera…
Historic Building in Armagh City

Armagh Courthouse

At the northern end of the Mall stands Armagh Courthouse, rebuilt after being destroyed by a huge IRA bomb blast in 1993. It originally dates from 1809, designed by local man Francis Johnston, who later became one o…
Historic Building in Armagh City

Armagh Gaol

On the Mall opposite the courthouse is the once-forbidding Armagh Gaol. Built in 1780 to the design of Thomas Cooley, it remained in use until 1988 and is currently being converted into a hotel and apartments.
Museum in Armagh City


The collection of Armagh Public Library spills over into the nearby Registry, a depository for Church of Ireland records, where you can see ancient coins, early Christian artefacts and other curiosities from the lib…