• Skopje's public city buses (including London-style red double-deckers) cost 35MKD and follow numbered routes.
  • You can buy and validate tickets on board.
  • Buses congregate under the bus/train station; for Matka you need bus number 60 (70MKD) and for Vodno take the special 'Millennium Cross' bus (35MKD).


Driving in Skopje is generally hassle-free; the main worries are finding your way through the city as signage isn't good, and finding somewhere to park in central areas. Free parking is hard to find in Skopje – even if you think you're safe, check again.

Large white placards around the city explain how to pay for parking via text message (best used with a local SIM card) and there are also pay machines that take denar only. Parking costs are typically 25MKD to 50MKD per hour (expect to pay 50MKD in the city centre). If you don't pay it, you risk a 2500MKD fine.


  • Skopje's taxis aren't bad value, with the first kilometre costing just 40MKD, and 25MKD for subsequent kilometres.
  • Drivers rarely speak English, but they do use their meters (if they don't, just ask/point).
  • Central destinations cost 60MKD to 150MKD.