Dangers & Annoyances

Skopje is a safe city for the most part and solo female travellers should feel at ease walking around the centre at night. The biggest hassle you're likely to experience is children begging, which is persistent around the touristy Ploštad Makedonija.

Internet Access

Free wi-fi is widespread in cafes, restaurants and hotels, though it's often unadvertised – simply ask the staff for password details. Some hotels have desktop computers for guest use.


  • ATMs and menuvačnici (exchange offices) are commonplace.
  • There's a conveniently located exchange office opposite one of the Telekom Lounge Bar branches, just off Ploštad Makedonija.


The wonderfully quirky main post office is 75m northwest of Ploštad Makedonija. Enter along the river – there's no door on the large boulevard on the other side of the building.

Tourist Information

North Macedonia's tourist infrastructure is at times woeful and Skopje's neglected tourist offices are a case in point: you might find them closed during designated opening hours and if you do get inside you'll find that they host heavy-duty literature on Macedonia but very little in the way of local tourist business fliers. A decent map of the city will cost you 200MKD. The staff in your hotel are likely to be far better sources of information.

Skopje's tourist information centre has maps and a range of countrywide promotional literature. Note that the advertised opening hours are not kept.