Macedonian denar (MKD)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €50

  • Dorm bed: €10
  • Beef kebab: 110MKD
  • Skopje–Ohrid bus ticket: 500MKD

Midrange: €50–100

  • Double hotel room: €30–45
  • Two-course meal: 600MKD
  • One-day hiking guide: €50

Top end: More than €100

  • Ultramodern hotel suite: €100
  • Five-course meal with wine pairings: 1800MKD
  • Skopje Airport taxi: 1200MKD


It's generally accepted that higher-end hotel rack rates can be negotiated down outside of peak season (peak usually being June to September, but sometimes winter, depending on where you are).

Taxi fares to popular destinations in and around Ohrid are set, as are most long-distance taxi prices, but occasionally taxis in Skopje will try to take you for a ride (figuratively speaking), so it is acceptable to haggle.


  • ATMs and menuvačnici (exchange offices) are commonplace.
  • There's a conveniently located exchange office opposite one of the Telekom Lounge Bar branches, just off Ploštad Makedonija.