Top things to do in Bitola

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Bitola

Heraclea Lyncestis

Located 1km south of central Bitola, Heraclea Lyncestis is among North Macedonia's best archaeological sites, though the neglected state of the on-site museum might make you think otherwise. See the Roman baths, por…
Top Choice Bar in Bitola

Porta Jazz

There's a notably bohemian vibe at this popular place that's packed every night in summer, and when live jazz and blues bands play the during rest of the year (September to May). It's located near the Church of Svet…
Film in Bitola

Manaki Brothers Film Festival

In mid-September the Manaki Brothers Film Festival screens independent foreign films. It honours Yanaki and Milton Manaki, the Balkans' first film-makers, who began using the medium in 1905 and documented the quotid…
Bazaar in Bitola

Stara Čaršija

Bitola's Stara Čaršija boasted about 3000 clustered artisans' shops in Ottoman times; today, only about 70 different trades are conducted, but it's still an interesting place to wander – particularly as it's got a m…
Historic Site in Bitola

Yeni Mosque & Clock Tower

Bitola's 16th-century Yeni Mosque and 17th-century stone clock tower sit at the top of Širok Sokak, Bitola's main pedestrianised thoroughfare, before the Dragor River and gateway to the Stara Čaršija. Today the site…
Museum in Bitola

Museum of Bitola

Bitola's history museum is a little unkempt but has interesting displays on local archaeology, regional architecture, revolutionary history and the area's role in WWI. There's even a reconstruction of a 19th-century…
Cafe in Bitola

Art Caffè

This modern 'Made in Bitola' brand has three cafes around town, seducing patrons with cakes, croissants, coffee and delicious sweet and savoury local pastries. Everything is baked in-house and it's a lovely spot for…
Bar in Bitola


Right at the end of Širok Sokak, this is a great place for coffee, beer and DJ parties – the red-and-white chequered tablecloths, the good music and the airy terrace opposite the little park mean you can spend quite…
Street in Bitola

Širok Sokak

Bitola's Širok Sokak is the city's best-known, most lively street – its multicoloured facades and European honorary consulates attest to the city's Ottoman-era sophistication. Enjoying the cafes here as colourful lo…
Cultural in Bitola

Ilinden Days

The Ilinden Days festival, held annually on 2 August, honours the Ilinden Uprising of 1903 against the Ottomans. It is a celebration of Macedonian folk culture and involves costumed dancing, food and music.